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E-Tech Electrokinetic Innovations

The Electro Separation Cell (ESC) can consistently remove LGS smaller than 6 microns from Synthetic and Oil-Based mud. Hear more about it in our video .

Ground Effects is the pioneer in highly mobile E-Tech innovations, including electrokinetic products such as ELECTROPURE , EK3 , ESC (Electro Separation Cell) for invert drilling mud treatment onsite and ESP (Electro Separation Press) for drill cuttings treatment onsite.

ELECTROPURE is the mobile, high-volume solution for frac flowback, (slick fracs, gel fracs, foam fracs), produced water, or wastewater treatment for re-use on site or at other site locations.

To see the video on ELECTROPURE go here>>
For more on all our E-Tech approaches, go here>>
See the ELECTROPURE Case Studies.

Meet Ground Effects

Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. (GEE) specializes in innovative electrokinetic and electrical separation remediation technologies in addition to traditional in situ remediation approaches. Ground Effects is an established leader in using E-Tech – or electrical technologies – for water treatment in the oil and gas, mining and industrial sectors. Whether it’s electrical separation for frac flowback water treatment with ELECTROPURE; salt, metals or chlorinated hydrocarbons remediation with EK3; invert drilling mud treatment with ESC (Electro Separation Cell); or ESP (Electro Separation Press) for drill cuttings treatment, talk with the experts ...more>>

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