MPE-XP: Multi-Phase Extractor Extra Performance

Compact & Powerful Multi-Phase Extraction at a Lower Cost

At GEE we decided to take our most powerful Multi-Phase Extractor (MPE) and make it the smallest powerhouse in the industry. Meet the MPE-XP (Extra Performance). The XP contains our most innovative MPE thinking in an extremely small system (12 feet by 6 feet, to be exact). With the same power and efficiency (a 99.9% runtime) of a larger GEE model, the MPE-XP is perfect for any in situ remediation in either hot or cold climates. And the biggest thing about the XP…is its small price. The MPE-XP can be tailored for warm or cold climates ranging from -40 degrees Celsius and above.


Oil & Gas

  • In situ
  • Drilling Waste Sites
  • Other spills including flowline/pipeline breaks
  • Upstream Oil and Gas Industry including refineries, oil and gas drilling sites, oil and gas battery sites, flare pits and other spills
  • Downstream Oil and Gas Industry including gas stations and bulk fuel storage facilities


  • Retired gas stations, fuel/refinery sites, spills


  • Former Manufactured Gas Plants (FMGPs)
  • Asphalt Plants


Problems Solved

The Science Behind the MPE-XP

At GEE we innovate; we don’t imitate. We gave ourselves the challenge to fit the same MPE innovation and 99.9% runtime reliability into a smaller version. We re-designed all the components to be smaller without losing efficiency. We could make it compact through our Integrated Treatment System (ITS) that incorporates and oil/water separator and vacuum air stripper. With 300% fewer parts than regular industry MPEs, the result is a Multi-Phase Extractor that can run quietly in residential areas and yet is versatile and robust enough to handle hot climates or arctic climates.

Industry-Standard MPE VS GEE MPE-XP
Industry-Standard MPE VS GEE MPE-XP


99.9% Runtime
99.9% Runtime
Downtime means upped expenses. Our MPE-XP boasts a 99.9% industry-leading runtime due to efficient design
Compact Footprint
Compact Footprint
The GEE MPE-XP is 12’ x 6’ and so compact it’s easy to transport in a sea container or freight trucking system; three XP’s can go in a container and it only takes three palette spaces in a truck.
Optimize from Your Mobile Phone
Optimize from Your Mobile Phone
You can easily optimize, download performance data and get alerts through our smartphone app for Apple or Android, or from your desktop.
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
The MPE-XP boasts 300% fewer parts than industry-standard MPEs. Fewer moving parts means less breakdowns.

Compare & Contrast

GEE MPE-XP (15 HP)Industry-Standard MPE (15 HP)
12’ by 6’ MPE with water treatment40’ by 8’ MPE with water treatment
Easy to ship: 3 systems fit in one 40’ X 8’ shipping containerMore expensive to ship: 1 industry-standard system is the same as shipping 3 XPs
Integrated Treatment System (ITS)• Component treatment: knockout, slant plate clarifier, oil/water separator, air stripper, etc.
Custom-built sound-attenuated enclosure. Fits on compact trailer (optional)Shipping container
99.9% runtime50-70% runtime
Touch screen controlsTouch screen controls
Requires smaller thermal/catalytic oxidizerRequires thermal/catalytic oxidizer twice the size
No additional air treatment from air stripper requiredRequires additional air treatment from air stripper