• Municipal Wastewater Treatment
    Huge savings on municipal water treatment
    An affordable and proven solution to treat municipal wastewater for towns and cities.

Huge Savings on Municipal Wastewater Treatment

New from Ground Effects Environmental Services (GEE) - an affordable and proven solution to treat municipal wastewater for small towns and cities that need to bring their wastewater up to regulation criteria.

GEE’s solution is its 10,000 m3/day mobile EOX municipal wastewater treatment system. This mobile system can treat wastewater lagoons to environmental discharge criteria, without hefty capital investment costs.

In Canada, many of our smaller municipal centres are looking at daunting capital and operational costs and long-term amortization for a new water treatment plant or the cost of additional lagoons. The EOX treats multiple smaller centres with ONE mobile plant. The EOX technology’s small footprint and "instant on" process allows simple mobile service, at a price municipalities can afford and easily explain to ratepayers.

Why Mobile Wastewater Treatment

For smaller municipalities, the capital expenditure is prohibitively high to build a wastewater treatment plant—a cost that will leave a legacy of debt for your municipality for generations of taxpayers. Even transporting wastewater to a treatment facility shared with other municipalities can be cost prohibitive. Plus, you will save valuable operating funds because you won’t need staff to run and monitor a plant.

GEE is a world leader in using advanced electrokinetics to treat wastewater. GEE has been treating wastewater for the oil & gas, mining and agricultural industries for more than 20 years and has won numerous awards for innovations.

Invite GEE onsite to do an on-site demonstration treatment of your worst wastewater to show you how the Mobile EOX works. The result will be immediate onsite results and treated wastewater that falls well below criteria. Please contact us for details.

The Proof

Benefits to Consultants

We work well with engineering consultants on a great many projects. If you have an engineering consultant on your project, we would be glad to talk with them about our technology.

Our process is so effective and proven that it’s a win-win situation – you win as a municipality by saving money and exceeding criteria and the consultant wins by being part of a proven, cost-effective solution that allows them to report successfully on the project and make in-roads with new clients.

About Ground Effects

Ground Effects Energy (GEE) leads the way by offering the most effective wastewater treatment process available in the world. Since 1998, Ground Effects Energy has shaped the direction of wastewater treatment through leading edge, world-class technology and manufacturing. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, GEE is a world-leading environmental technology development company that specializes in electrokinetic technologies and solutions for the municipal, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and industrial sectors. 

Read about our ESG practices here.


GEE provides several options for municipal customers: GEE builds, owns and operates a wastewater treatment plant, relieving customers of the heavy capital costs. GEE will also build and sell the municipal wastewater treatment plant to the municipality. GEE technologies have lower operating and capital cost than competing technologies.
Much like how you hire a company to clean out a septic tank, we send our mobile technology, operate it and provide you with results on-site.
Our wastewater innovations use less energy than competing technologies.
The EOX Mobile Municipal Wastewater Treatment is CSA/UL/ICX approved.

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