Design & Lab Testing to Construction & Installation


At Ground Effects, we’re innovative problem solvers who help customers save money, manpower, time and space. We are wastewater solutions specialists—whether that’s through electrocatalytic and electrocoagulation processes or other advancements. We can work with any industry that is treating wastewater—oil and gas, municipal, industrial, mining, agriculture or food & beverage—to find the best time-saving and money-saving solutions for your problem.

Lab Testing

We have fully-staffed labs in four countries – the United States, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands—which can analyze your wastewater and work with the design and manufacturing teams to ensure the proper wastewater solution is applied to your problem for optimum outcomes. If you have a unique wastewater problem you want tested, contact us on how to start the testing process.


We can manufacture and build your wastewater solution in the United States, Canada or Australia. Our international team of specialists build wastewater treatment solutions with 99% runtimes, low maintenance and high performance. We can build to any specifications—whether it’s to a compact footprint, offshore or onshore requirements, integrated into an existing facility or for a new build.


We can plan, implement and oversee any installation of GEE systems with best practice project management. From piping and horizontal drilling to overseeing contractors and infrastructure implementation, we know what our equipment needs and how to work with your team to get the job done on time and on budget.


A highly specific skill. We commission new or used GEE systems and remain onsite until fully operational. We can commission any system anywhere in the world and conduct the training as well.


We have successfully trained thousands of people on GEE equipment. We do classroom and/or field training depending on requirements. We have training and certification on all major training and safety certifications.


Who knows how to get the best out of GEE systems? We do. We can monitor and optimize your new or used GEE system to make sure you’re getting the most from it, day in and day out.


We have financing for rentals or leasing. We can also work with you to develop financing for a turnkey design/build/operate arrangement. Please contact us to find out how we can work with you to finance your project.


Ground Effects Environmental has been designing environmentally-impactful innovations for soil remediation and water treatment for the oil & gas, mining, and industrial industries since we started in 1998. Read about our environmental, social, and governance positions here.