A GEE mobile water treatment system setup and operated along a pipeline right-of-way to draw down and treat groundwater

A GEE 5,000 gallon per minute water treatment system setup and operated along a pipeline right-of-way to draw down and treat groundwater

GEE Mobile Water Treatment solutions are available as rental or service for emergencies, increased capacity, and compliance related water challenges. We have one of the largest fleets of mobile water treatment in North America.

Our water treatment solutions are available 24/7 365 for rent or turnkey. Contact us today to discuss your water challenges and how Ground Effects mobile water solutions can help you solve them.

Ground Effects Mobile Water Solutions Advantages

  • 25+ years of experience manufacturing and deploying technologies
  • Rental or turnkey service available
  • One of the largest DAF and filter fleets in North America
  • Proprietary Electrocoagulation process and advanced oxidation process using ozone
  • Fast deployment
  • In house lab to test and optimize the solution

Turnkey Water Treatment Solutions

  • GEE provides turnkey solution including operations and maintenance
  • Fast worldwide deployment
  • Emergency or out of compliance we have you covered

Rental Water Treatment Solutions

  • One of the largest rental fleets of water treatment technology in North America
  • Short-term and long-term water rentals available
  • 10 - 5,000 gpm + capacity
  • Fast deployment
  • Expert support

Manufactured Water Treatment Solutions

  • Custom modular built plants available to purchase
  • In-house design, engineering, and fabrication
  • Built to your specifications
  • 99.9% runtimes
  • Expert support

Case Study: Rental Water Treatment

Service: Rental wastewater treatment for a pipeline installation

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Project Description: Ground Effects set up and operated three 3,000 gpm+ mobile water treatment systems along a pipeline right-of-way to draw down and treat groundwater. The client’s need was to have the wastewater treated so it could be discharged safely to local fish-bearing water bodies.

Solution: The rental solution provided by Ground Effects included chemical addition/coagulation, dissolved air flotation (DAF), media filtration, and sludge de-watering.

Result: Ground Effects was able to treat large quantities of groundwater well below criteria, enabling the pipeline to be installed successfully.

Industries & Technologies


Oil & Gas
Food & Beverage
Engineering projects


Water Treatment

  • Electrocoagulation
  • EOX - Electrocatalytic oxidation
  • Hydroxyl oxidation reactor -Advanced
  • Oxidation - ozone with catalyst
  • DAF - Dissolved air flotation
  • Slant plate clarifier
  • Oil water separator
  • Media filtration
  • Ultra filtration - ceramic membrane
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Powder activated carbon filtration
  • PH adjustment

Sludge Dewatering

  • Screw press
  • Electro separation press

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Water Treatment Technologies Important Links

EOX - Electrocatalytic Oxidation System

EOX - Electrocatalytic Oxidation System

Powerful, Chemical-Free Wastewater Treatment

A GEE-patented technology, the Electrocatalytic Oxidation (EOX) treatment system is a chemical-free, turnkey wastewater treatment process for oil and gas, municipal, industrial and agricultural industries. The EOX combines high current electrocoagulation with high concentration ozone to create the most powerful advanced electrocatalyitic oxidation approach found anywhere. Mobile, modular or fixed plant, the EOX achieves broad-spectrum contaminant removal without the use of chemicals.

AOR - Advanced Oxidation Reactor

AOR - Advanced Oxidation Reactor

Advanced Oxidation Wastewater Treatment

The Advanced Oxidation Reactor from GEE is unlike any ozone reactor on the planet. The proprietary design with high pressure, high agitation and microbubbles results in low high efficiency, high destruction of contaminants and low residence time.

DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation

DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) System

GEE’s Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system is a highly efficient treatment for the separation of suspended solids and oil and grease contaminants from wastewater. The compact GEE DAF system boasts high removal rates, 99.9% runtime and a robust design. The compact DAF can either be integrated in a complete solution or offered as a single product for your wastewater treatment.