The Environment First

Ground Effects Environmental (GEE) is an innovative and award-winning company that has been designing environmentally-impactful innovations for soil remediation and water treatment for the oil & gas, mining, and industrial industries since we started in 1998. You could say we've always thought in terms of ESG and now the rest of the world is catching up with us.

We help companies, organizations, and municipalities increase their ESG scores by helping them reduce carbon emissions, re-use water and other water-intensive resources onsite, and be more sustainable with our environmental remediation solutions. 

Innovative Products

Electrocatalytic Oxidation (EOX) wastewater treatment system is a chemical-free, turnkey wastewater treatment process for oil and gas, municipal, industrial, and agricultural industries. The EOX remediates wastewater well below spec and allows companies to reuse water on-site, removing the need to truck water in from local areas or have tailing ponds. The water treatment innovation brings high positive impact to any ESG rating. 

Electro Separation Cell (ESC) technology is the only process in the world that can remove colloidal solids consistently from Synthetic and Oil-Based Mud (OBM). The ESC removes colloidal solids that centrifuges can’t. It helps companies reclaim drilling fluid for re-use to reduce the amount of sludge and waste going to landfills. Not only does this lower environmental impact and offer a significant cost savings for customers, but it also results in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

At GEE, we have been helping our customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions with our world-leading technologies since 1998. During that time, we have won the following awards:

  • 2020 – Innovation in Equipment Award [Global Energy Awards]
  • 2009 – Environment Award [Abex Award]
  • 2009 – Technology Green 15 [Deloitte]
  • 2008 – Technology Green 15 [Deloitte]
  • 2005 – Physical Environment [Abex Award]


  • Giving globally for safe drinking water: We innovated the Pocket EOX and have donated countless units to communities around the world without access to safe drinking water. The GEE Pocket EOX is a handheld water treatment device for use in remote regions of the world with no water infrastructure. It is powered by solar or a mobile phone battery as a way to remove water-borne illnesses from contaminated groundwater.
  • Inclusive corporate culture: We pride ourselves on our culture and our approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Many of our employees have worked at GEE for 10yrs+ and we have employees from around the world with a variety of backgrounds. Our team is proudly diverse.
  • Everyone’s input matters: GEE holds innovation meetings on new products, technologies, ideas, etc. From the general shop guy to the drafting team, engineers, technicians, millwrights, administrative personnel, everyone is included
  • Certifications: Additionally, we are COR certified and in good standing with ISNET World to help ensure GEE is a safe place to work at our head office and any of our sites around the world. 
  • Philanthropy: Since 1998, we have donated thousands to local charities, sport and recreational teams and communities.


We believe that best practice governance and creating a culture of innovation leads to long-term success. As an innovative solutions-based company, GEE is built on integrity, ethical behaviour, and solid judgement.  In addition, we are fully transparent in all our business relationships and are committed to continuous improvement in our day-to-day activities, customer relations, field services, and supply chain management. 

We are a dedicated research and technology manufacturer that provides specialized approaches for innovative and effective wastewater treatment and remediation solutions. The advantages of working with GEE are:

  • Better design equates to more savings: Smart design is at the centre of what we do. We develop innovative approaches that save our customers time, manpower and money while providing exceptional results.
  • Smart research: We have a dedicated and robust research and development team and approach. The better the research, the better the innovation, design and results will be.
  • Low maintenance technologies: We design and build technologies with efficiency of resources and manpower in mind. Technology should reduce human costs.
  • Smart Human Machine Interface (HMI): We build technology that can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world through your mobile. Real-time data, alerts and control.
  • Compact footprint: We design and build technology for mobile and fixed-plant applications. Through smart design our technologies are a fraction of the size of our competitors while exceeding their results.