: Silica Carbide Flat Sheet Ceramic Membrane

High Flux Silica Carbide Filtration System

Membranes manufactured from pure Silica Carbide (SiC) on a flat sheet structure. This provides some unique advantages in water treatment:

  • High flux rate reduces footprint, energy & chemical consumption
  • Chemically inert provides high chemical resistance
  • Negatively charged surface reduces fouling of organics and oil
  • Extremely hard & durable makes it easy to clean
  • Simplified flow sheet no need for pre-sedimentation & pre-filtration

Product Specification:

  • MF/UF filtration range
  • Asymetric structure and high porosity
  • Outside in filtration direction
  • Submerged vacuum driven flat sheet membrane
The Silica Carbide Flat Sheet Ceramic Membrane in the EOX Integrated System


High Flux Rate

Silica Carbide membranes demonstrate an unprecedented high flux rate. This is mainly caused by the high surface porosity and the low contact angle to water. 

A membranes contact angle to water is an accurate measure of how hydrophilic a membrane is. The more hydrophilic the membrane surface the higher the operating flux rate. This results in:

  • 3-10x the flux compared to polymeric 
  • Unmatched low footprint 
  • Low pressure operation at high flow 
  • High recovery rates 
  • Applicable for high sludge concentration 

Chemically Inert Membrane Material

Silicon Carbide has complete chemical resistance. This provides a range of benefits in various applications:

  • Can operate in extreme environments
  • Durable & reliable operation
  • Fast and easy restoring of permeability
  • High resistance to wide a pH range, oxidants even ozone

Durable and Easy to Clean

Another critical feature of Silica Carbide is the hardnesss and durability of the membrane material, providing a long life and enabling harsh mechanical cleanings. During a sludge dewatering event, sludge can get trapped between the flat sheet membranes. However, due to the durability of membranes, sludge can be effectively removed by means of a power washer.

Problems Solved

The Science Behind the Silica Carbide Flat Plate Membrane

Flat Plate Technology

High Flux
High Flux
High durability and low footprint.
High Flux at Low Pressure
High Flux at Low Pressure
High recovery rates and chemical resistant.
Small footprint allows for any size flows.
Stackable and Compact
Stackable and Compact
Mobile, stackable, and minimal footprint allows these membranes to function at maximum capacity.

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