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DAF, 400gpm with Intelligent aeration, Compact


In the stainless steel Intelligent DAF, type IPF the separable particles will float to the surface.  The floating particles will be removed automatically and continuously by a scraper mechanism.

A lamella plate pack is installed to increase the separation area of the unit and ensures that even the smallest flocs are removed from the wastewater.  This makes the Intelligent DAF, type IPF unit very compact.

The on-built re-circulation system and aeration system is equipped with unique and patented non clogging aeration devices and will form air bubbles who will support the separation of particles.  The unit is equipped with automatic sediment removal valves for removing any settled material.

DAF IPF-90 System Includes:

  • level sensor
  • Influent pump (submersible / dry-mounted)
  • Flow meter
  • Flocculator PFR
  • Coagulant dosing pump
  • Neutralizer dosing pump
  • Acid dosing pump
  • Flocculant dosing pump
  • Automatic flocculant make up station for liquid polymer, type NMA 2000 L 
  • pH measurement and control
  • Flotation unit IPF90
    - 1 Re-circulation pump / aeration system
    - Pneumatic control panel
    - 1 sludge pump + level sensor
    - Compressor + air dryer
    - 20 Ft. Box container
    - Datalogger in E-control panel for pH, temperature and flow
    - NI-Connect
    - Electric control panel

DAF 400gpm, Compact and Intelligent

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