Portable Recovery Unit  
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Emergency Response System 700m3


Completely self contained Emergency Response System, includes office Genset,  Electrocatalytic Oxidation (EOX) treatment system, Ozone, DAF, multiple Filtration.    

The System combines high current electrocoagulation with high concentration ozone to create the most powerful advanced electrocatalyitic oxidation approach found anywhere. Mobile, plug and play technology achieves broad-spectrum contaminant removal in a short period of time. 

700m3/day fully mobile Emergency Response system includes:

  • cutting edge electrocoagulation, 
  • ozone, 
  • DAF, 
  • Filtration processes
  • hoses
  • fuel tank

Optional Equipment Include:

  • Oil-Water Separator
  • Vacuum Extraction Units
  • Multiphase System

All modules are integrated into a fully automated system.  This turn key system takes less than two hours to set up and ready for immediate operation.

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