Water Treatment System  
ID#1580 | 2024 | Regina SK Canada | Status: Available

Fully Automated Ozone Injection System


The O3-600 system is used to inject Ozone into wastewater to oxidize and remove contaminants.

The system is to be located in a Non-Hazardous area, but the process area is designed for Class 1 Div 2 (C1D2) hazardous area due to the possibility of treating fluid with hydrocarbons. The control panel is located in a climate-controlled enclosure out of the C1D2 area.

The O3-600 system is designed to work with an exterior pumping system that pumps wastewater through a piping network that includes a chemical injection zone, ozone injection zone, and ozone reactor vessel.  The system has an option to use a chemical pump that injects chemical into the stream through an injection quill at an operator specified rate to work in conjunction with the ozone creating an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).  

An ozone injection pump draws fluid from the inlet piping and pumps it through a venturi injector which draws ozone gas from the system ozone generator and diffuses the gas into wastewater stream.  Very small bubbles of ozone gas react with the contaminants in the wastewater.  To increase contact time and mixing the stream flows through a reactor vessel allowing the oxidative reactions to finish.  The flow then leaves the O3-600 to an exterior tank or further treatment systems.

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Ozone Injection System

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