Water Treatment System  
ID#1524 | 2024 | California USA | Status: Available

Advanced Oxidation Water Treatment System


SANOZONE is engineered and designed as an advanced oxidation process using ozone. The system utilizes Ozone gas (O3) for the oxidation of water pollutants. Safety is the number one priority so the SANOZONE unit includes an audible alarm with visual indication (LED lights) in order to minimize accidental human exposure; it also includes a hardwired O3 Sensor (local display) for ambient indication of ozone levels within the unoccupied space.

Technical Specifications:


  •  Frame and cover panels –304 stainless steel; 
  • Casters – Front swivel, back fixed, lockable and non-marking; 
  • Pump – Centrifugal
  • O2 Generator – Oil-less, pressure swing absorption 
  • Model 100 O3 Generator – Pressurized, Air cooled, 4-20 ma controlled
  • 30 g/hr ozone generator w venturi induction


  • 109mm (4.3”) micro-touch screen
  • Ethernet switch for IoT compatibility  
  • Panel mounted ethernet bulkhead • CSA/UL approved  
  • Panel mounted alarm lights
  • Safety - Stack light with built in (Audible alarm / Red / green)

Sanozone sensor:

  •  0 – 20 ppm ozone sensor  
  • Safety - Stack light with built in (Audible alarm / Red / green) 
  • Motion detector for auto shutdown
  •  CSA/UL approved

Size (W x L x H):  28" x 42" x 36” (711 x 1066 x 914 mm)

Power:  120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Phase, 14.7 Amp

Weight (Approx.):  326 lbs (148 kgs)

Ozone Destruction:

  • Air phase Ozone Destruct rental  
  •  2 SCFM flow capacity
  •  Regenerative Carulite media to convert any residual ozone gas into oxygen
  • ½” push connect tube inlet/outlet connections
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Sanozone Water Treatment System

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