Multiphase Extraction Unit  
ID#1292 | 2006 | | Status: Available

With Water Treatment System


The GEE TITAN System, designed to knock out hard-to-remediate sites, such as clays and silts, the TITAN combines nine GEE innovations into one, resulting in a powerful in situ remediation process that removes contaminants from low permeability
sites and enhances recovery by an order of magnitude at any depth. It's a powerful innovation that practically no remediation site can size up against. Add to that, our Satellite Telemetry allows you to download trend analysis data in real time, monitor all instrumentation, optimize the system and even reset breakers. So, come on, try the TITAN on for size.

• Increases mass removal by as much as ten times over any other remediation system in the industry.
• Designed specifically to handle complex, hard-to-remediate, sites and soil conditions.
• Uses a revolutionary four-system process - GEE MPE System, GEE High Pressure Nutrient (HPNI), GEE Pneumatic Airlift System (PALS) and the GEE Pneumatic Fracturing System.

• Faster, more efficient remediation translates into lower project costs.
• Can tackle practically any low permeability site at a higher rate of mass recovery than previous technologies
used in the industry.
• Fewer moving parts and precision manufacturing means 99% run-times and substantially reduced maintenance and life cycle costs.
• Remote Satellite Telemetry option available allowing troubleshooting, monitoring & optimization from anywhere in the world.

Titan Multi Phase Vapour Extraction 27100 with Pneumatic fracturing and Air Lift System

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