Electrokinetic Remediation System  
ID#1390 | 2007 | Regina SK Canada | Status: Available

100 KW, Skid size - 10' x 20'


Skid size - 10' x 20'

The GEE EK3 Electrokinetic Remediation System is a proprietary in situ remediation process for salts, metals, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons in soil and ground water. A GEE-patented technology, the EK3 is an extremely effective and proven alternative to the ‘dig and dump’ approach to groundwater and soil contamination. The EK3 can be used to distribute chemical oxidation and/or biosupplements for hydrocarbon remediation in clays and silt.

Mobile and compact, the EK3 is scalable to any soil or groundwater remediation problem you may have — no matter how large or deep. The EK3 uses low-voltage direct current (DC) to remediate the ground and soil contamination well below criteria with low consumables and low maintenance.

It’s fast, cost-efficient and can be optimized and monitored easily from your mobile phone. It’s the best onsite salt remediation treatment system on the planet.

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Electrokinetic Remediation EK3

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